100 Million Active Android Devices – Is Android Taking Over The World?

100 Million Android DevicesGoogle has proudly announced that there are now no less than 100 million active Android devices globally.

A milestone to be proud of, if you ask me! I’m sure that the many sales of the Galaxy S II has helped them cross the line. So it looks like Google made it to 100 million with its latest high end model. What better way to cross a victory line than to do so on the Galaxy S II?

Google is currently activating 400,000 Android devices per day. At a rate like that, the total number of active Android devices is going to more-than-double in just one year.

The milestone of having 100 million active devices is an important one in Google’s race with the likes of Apple’s iPhone and the much revered Apple iOS.

Will Android Conquer The Mobile Market?

But wait, there are other signals that Android is indeed taking the world by storm at the cost of Apple, RIM, and others!

Google has 310 types of Android devices out on the market today. Apple only has a dozen or so.

Those 310 devices come from a total of 36 hardware manufacturers and they are being provided with connections by 215 carriers. Google’s 310 Android devices are available in 112 countries in the world.

With a total of 4.5 billion Android applications installed in total, it’s pretty safe to say that Google is also doing very well in the app apartment. While the 200,000 Android applications in the Android app store are still in smaller numbers than the Apple app store, it is likely that the Android app store is going to catch up and catch up quickly!

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