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Samsung To Release 5.3” Display Smartphone This Fall

Samsung is never one to sit back and let the competition run its course. They are an innovative bunch and they are always stretching the limits of what they are capable of. Point in case: the Galaxy S2. The S2 is Samsung’s flagship at the moment. But I ask myself for how long this will […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Layeth The Smack Down On the iPad In Commercial

The tablet market is a tough place to be in. It is currently being dominated by Samsung, HTC and Apple. And for some reason, I get the distinct idea that these three guys can’t stand each other and will not stop at anything in order to strike a hard blow at their competition. Apple recently […]

HTC Jetstream – The 10” HTC Android Tablet

According to the latest rumors, HTC is about to release its new 10” tablet called the Jetstream. But wait a minute… wasn’t HTC working on their 10” tablet called the Puccini? Yes indeed, they were. As it turns out. the Jetstream and the Puccini are the exact same tablet. And it’s not even clear as […]

Asus EEE Pad Transformer 2 Coming Up

A few months ago, Asus introduced their EEE Pad Transformer TF101. It was generally well received by both reviewers as well as consumers. Asus’ Transformer Pad sure was something else. With a keyboard dock, you can transform your pad into a smartbook. Asus has come up with a very innovative idea here. Everybody has to […]

Xiaomi X1 Miui Android Smartphone Runs On A 1.5GHz Dual Core

Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has recently showed its X1 model to the world. The X1 comes with the Android mod ‘Miui’ installed right out of the factory. The phone also runs on dual core processor that is clocked at a very impressive 1.5GHz. This raises the bar for modern day smartphones such as the […]

Windows 8 Tablets To Compete With Android Tablets

Recently, Michael Dell of the famous desktop manufacturer Dell, has published his quarterly stats. The stats don’t look too bad, actually. During the presentation of the quarterly stats, Dell also discussed Windows 8 and the future it will soon have on the tablet. Michael Dell strongly feels that Windows 8 is going to be a […]

BlackBerry Colt QNX To Be Released This Year

The BlackBerry Colt QNX is probably going to be released before the end of the year. Although there is a small chance that it will actually be early 2012, but let’s just hope for the best. Tweakers reports that it will be this year, but does not disclose its sources. The BlackBerry Colt QNX will […]

Samsung Planning To Release Nexus Prime In October

Google and Samsung are working together on releasing the Nexus Prime smartphone in October. This new smartphone will have a super amoled HD screen at a 720p resolution. It is also said to be running on Android Ice Cream Sandwich, of which images have leaked not too long ago. According to ETNews, the Nexus Prime […]

Android Ice Cream Sandwich Images Leaked

Android And Me has found a few interesting images, showing a phone running the fabled Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Ice Cream Sandwich is an integrated, unifying Android operating system that will be able to run on both tablets as well as smartphones. Currently, we have Android Honeycomb for tablets and Android Cupcake / Froyo / […]

Sony DSX-S310BTX To Support Android Internet Radio App ‘Pandora’

The slick looking car audio receiver above is the Sony DSX-S310BTX. It is the very first aftermarket car audio receiver that will be able to control Pandora, the Internet Radio application for Android and BlackBerry. Communication takes place over bluetooth. Pandora is the Android application that allows you to listen to Internet radio. But not […]

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