Android Update: Android Running On Half Of All Smartphones Sold

In a report recently released by market research bureau Canalys, Android is used on almost one out of every two smartphones that have been sold in the second quarter of this year. Many smartphones have been sold in the second quarter, mainly by big players such as Samsung, HTC and Sony Ericsson.

The total amount of smartphones sold in this quarter is a mind shattering 107.7 million. Canalys claims that 51.9 million of all those smartphones sold run Android. And with this number, Android has managed to get a 48% market share in the second quarter of 2011. This market share is expected to rise quite a bit more, considering the latest trends in Android market share growth.


The 51.9 million number means that there has been a 379% growth with regards to the same quarter of the previous year. Samsung alone is responsible for selling 19 million smartphones. There is no doubt that their flagship Galaxy S II has helped a bit in achieving these numbers. It’s been sold 5 million times since release, at the moment of writing.

At 11 million smartphones sold in the second quarter of 2011, HTC hasn’t exactly underperformed as well. Their HTC Sensation is selling like crazy at the moment. Their future phones will likely be equally as promising, so there is no doubt in my mind they’ll do even better in the future.

Especially Asians are very fond of Android. In South Korea, no fewer than 85% of all people’s smartphones are Android phones. In Europe, Android already became the market leader at the end of 2010.


At 20.3 million phones sold in the second quarter of 2011, Apple is also doing some okay business. Apple takes a market share of 19%. Microsoft is lagging behind big time. Their mobile operating system ‘Windows Phone’ only runs on 1.5 million sold smartphones. It takes a market share of even less than 1%. Now that Mango has gone RTM, the tide may change for Microsoft. But this will take time.

Nokia has seen its sales decline quarter after quarter for quite some time now. But they have still managed to sell 16.7 million smartphones in the second quarter of this year. RIM has also taken a beating from Android, but still managed to sell 13.2 million BlackBerry’s in the fiscal year 2012 (that’s Q4 2011 in the US).

Android currently has the largest market share. It beats the other mobile platforms by a landslide. It has already taken the number one spot in many countries worldwide. Its growth is expected to continue for the time being.

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