Google Now Activating 600,000 Android Devices Daily

Every once in a while, Your Mobile Site updates you on the number of devices that Google is activating on a daily basis. At the time of the last report, Google activated exactly half a million Android devices per day. Now, this has grown to well over 600,000 Android devices activated per day!

Google’s official quarterly statistics for Q3 2011 can be found here. In a discussion about the Q3 2011 results, Larry Page called Android growth’s nothing short of mind boggling. Only a few months ago, the total number of Android devices that were actively in use, was at 135 million. But now, Google is at 190 million… they’ve almost passed the 200 million mark!

Larry Page has also stated that Google’s Chrome browser is doing very well, as well as their Chromebooks: the netbook dedicated to Chrome! As a result of Google’s recent successes, they made a net profit of 2.7 billion dollar.

Google foresees a golden future of Internet on mobile devices. They have stated that the number of searches performed on mobile devices has increased five fold in the past few years. Most of these search queries were performed on Android devices, naturally.

Google+, Google’s new platform, is also doing extremely well. People are flocking to the service in droves. The service has only been live for a few months and there are already 40 million users on there at the moment.

The Android army is taking over!

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