HTC Omega Windows Phone Images Leaked

HTC is predominantly releasing Android phones nowadays, just like their big competitor Samsung. But both parties have also taken up an interest in Windows Phone to use as an operating system for their smartphones. Samsung has demonstrated a Galaxy S2 running Windows Phone a while back. Of HTC, it was also known that they were going to try out Windows Phone in the near future.

The HTC Omega is going to be a Windows Phone by HTC. Pocketnow has leaked the very first image. And what a lovely image it is.

HTC Omega Windows Phone

The HTC Omega has been announced not too long ago. It’s going to come out soon. And by the looks of the above image, HTC Watch (their movie rental service) will also be running on Windows Phone. That’s good news. Now if only the display were a little bigger. The HTC Sensation’s display is 4.3”, but the Omega’s display is going to be a modest 3.7” at 800 x 480 pixels. Oh well, not every phone can be a flagship beater.

According to Pocketnow, there is a chance that this phone is going to hit the shelves as the HTC Radar. It runs an MSM8255 with an integrated Adreno 205 GPU. HTC has also used this chip in their Desire phone, so it’s no surprise that they are using it in this phone as well. It will have 512 MB of RAM and two cameras: one in the back and one in the front.

Despite the fact that the Omega lacks in screen size, you wouldn’t call this a midrange phone based on its clock speed. It’s clocked at a respectable 1.5GHz. The current trend seems to be that clock speeds are more easily up scaled than displays are. Oh well, you can’t have everything I suppose. The Omega will be hitting the shelves in the coming months. Nothing is known of the price point as of yet.

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