HTC Puccini 10” Tablet Details Uncovered

HTC is very well known in the smartphone / tablet market these days. However, HTC was letting the competition take the lead when it came to tablet display sizes. The HTC Flyer is an awesome tablet, but it’s display is only 7”. Now, HTC is striking back with the 10” Puccini tablet. A while ago, we already reported that HTC would start mass producing the HTC Puccini in June.

HTC Puccini 10" TabletHTC Puccini 10" Tablet

It was BGR that managed to get their hands on the first few images of the HTC Puccini. These guys are resourceful, because they’ve been known to uncover images of new mobile devices in the past. As a matter of fact, earlier on the same day they leaked the HTC Puccini images, they also leaked the AT&T Galaxy S II images.

Not too many hardware specification details are known as of yet. But one thing that is known, is that the tablet will have a 8 megapixel camera that supports dual LED flash. There are also going to be stereo speakers on there and a microphone as well. Let’s hope the speakers will not be at the bottom, because that always has a very negative effect on the sound before it reaches your ears.

The images clearly show that the HTC Puccini will support stylus input, just like the HTC Flyer does. It is likely, but not certain, that the tablet sport a 1.5GHz processor. This would be a reasonable expectation, as tablets are definitely moving towards faster processors. It will also very likely run on Android Honeycomb with HTC Sense. There are also rumors going around the web saying it will support 4G LTE radio.

We don’t know when the HTC Puccini will officially be launched. But if earlier reports of mass production in June were correct, then we can reasonably expect the Puccini to show its pretty face on store shelves worldwide pretty soon!

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