LG Jil Sander Windows Phone To Be Released

LG is about to release a new phone (codename E906) that runs the Windows Phone operating system. It will also be ‘Jil Sander’ branded. It’s not the first time that LG releases a phone with this type of branding. The LG Prada has released a good while ago and it has seen quite a bit of success.

Earlier, an LG roadmap leaked that showed the LG Fantasy Windows Phone. However, most other phones that LG is working on are Android phones. Nobody saw the Jil Sander phone coming. It just sort of popped up out of nowhere.

It wasn’t LG that introduced this phone to the world. Instead, it was Jil Sander itself. The Jil Sander phone has a 3.8” display at a 800 x 480 pixel resolution. The phone is powered by a Qualcomm QSD8650 processor.

Usually, Windows Phones are powered by an MSM8255 processor. But the QSD8650 has been used in other Windows Phones in the past, so it’s not completely unexpected.

The LG Jil Sander Windows Phone has 16GB worth of internal storage memory. The storage memory is not an integrated sd card, like most phones have. Instead, it’s a bit of eMMC flash memory.

The camera can take pictures at 5 megapixel, but it can also record video at 24 fps at a 720p resolution.

The Jil Sander phone is LG’s very first smartphone that runs Windows Phone Mango. It is going to be released in Europe next week. Its price point is unknown at the moment, but we’re guessing it’s not going to be a budget phone!

LG Jil Sander Windows Phone Mango

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