Nokia Android Phone Spotted

Nokia N9 AndroidLots of Nokia news today! Earlier this day, we reported on the Nokia N9 and the Nokia Sea Ray. One has been officially announced, the other has been leaked. And now, yet another Nokia phone has been spotted. And it is a Nokia Android phone, no less!

Nokia has always focused on their own in house developed Symbian operating system. However, they are using MeeGo for the N9. But the Sea Ray is going to be a Windows Phone. Nokia has officially stated that they are moving towards Windows Phone in the near future, and that they’re moving away from everything else.

Nokia N9 AndroidBut still, now there seems to be a Nokia Android phone in development! However, these leaked images of the Android smartphone from Nokia are said to be an internal use case for demonstrative purposes. Nokia is apparently interested to see how their phones would run on Android.

The Chinese site Weibo has leaked photos of a Nokia smartphone that is running Android 2.3. Shortly after Nokia had hired a new CEO, they started looking around for a suitable operating system for their future phones. They’ve checked out MeeGo, Windows Phone and Android.

Android did not work out for Nokia because they were of the opinion that it would not help them to look a little distinguished with regards to their competitors. Also, Google did not budge an inch when Nokia requested Google to give them access to deeper layers of the Android OS. Nokia wanted this because they were of the opinion that it would better help them develop their Ovi Maps application for Android.

Nokia N9 Android

Despite all this, Nokia could not resist testing the operating system on one of their phones. The photos show a Nokia N9 model running Android. These images have been leaked by a Chinese guy who had earlier leaked images of the Nokia Sea ray Windows Phone. This person is most likely an insider.

Nokia is unlikely to actually mass manufacture and release their Android phone, however. Nokia has already made an exclusive arrangement with Microsoft for multiple years already.

So there you have it, folks. Future Nokia phones will be all about the Windows Phone OS. It’s not Android, but don’t underestimate Windows Phone. It has a growing fan base and, because of awesome updates such as WP 7 Mango, it might shape up to become a mobile OS to look out for!

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