Nokia X7 Review

Recently, Your Mobile Site had the chance to play around with the Nokia X7. An anonymous source was kind enough to provide us with one for an hour or two. Naturally, we grabbed the opportunity and started checking the X7 out from all sides.

Nokia X7 Hardware Specifications

Nokia X7Let’s start with the specs! The Nokia X7 has a 4” touch screen. It comes with Symbian Anna preinstalled on it. The theming of the phone is all about fun & games. It runs on a 680MHz CPU and it has 256MB of RAM. The screen’s resolution is 360 x 640 pixels. The camera is able to handle a neat 8 megapixel.

When you first get to handle the X7, you will notice its original design right away. I haven’t seen too many other smartphones that have an edgy look as opposed to a boring, ole’ curved one. The X7’s casing is also very sturdy, giving you the idea that it’s a very solidly built phone. And it is. The metal case feels great in your hand.

All the smartphone features that we’ve all come to know and love (and expect), are also on there. Think of Bluetooth, USB, Wi-Fi, radio and more. And thank god for that, because the Nokia X7’s hardware specs aren’t exactly earth shattering. For a gaming phone, you’d expect a little more. The X7’s hardware specs kind of make it a midrange phone.

Nokia X7 Symbian Anna

Nokia X7Symbian Anna is a real leap of progress. As we all know, Symbian is on its way out in favor of Windows Phone Mango. But these last few generations (Anna, Belle, etc.) are still going to be used on new Nokia phones in the coming year or so. While Symbian Anna isn’t quite on par with other high performance mobile platforms such as Android and iOS, it is certainly better than any previous Symbian. The user interface responds much faster and smoother.

Nokia X7 Gaming

Nokia X7 GamingDespite the fact that the games on this phone have to make due with limited hardware capabilities, the games actually ran just fine. There are plenty of games available for the Nokia X7, such as Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds and all the other casual games you like to play. You can even play bigger titles on this, such as Need For Speed Shift, Assassin’s Creed and Spiderman.

It was to be expected that the small & simple casual games ran fine on the X7, but the bigger titles also run completely smooth. They were also pretty easy to control with nothing but touch screen input. Very impressive for a phone with midrange hardware specs. I had not expected this and needless to say… I was pleasantly surprised!

Nokia X7 GamingThe X7 surprised me in yet another way. The sound that comes from its native speakers is just awesome. I’ve heard many smartphone speakers from other people while riding the bus, train and metro. Believe me when I tell you that the sound from the X7’s speakers is one heck of a lot more impressive than that of most other phones. And with the fantastic speaker quality, I finally found a good reason to recognize this phone as a true game phone.

Nokia X7 Final Judgment

When I first laid hands on the X7, it kind of disappointed me specification wise. The CPU runs at half the speed of modern mobile phones such as the Galaxy S2 and the Sensation. Furthermore, it has a very low resolution. The 4” display is okay when it comes to size. It’s only a little bit smaller than the 4.3” ‘flagship phone’ standard.

Nokia X7The games ran well and were fun to play, however. So the X7 did manage to pleasantly surprise me and win my respect. It also stands out enormously when it comes to the quality of the speakers. Very impressive indeed. Big boys such as HTC are just now investing in better speakers (they’re working with Dr. Dre, to be exact) and their investments have yet to bear fruit.

All in all, the X7 is certainly not a bad phone. The major problem with it is that some big game titles are missing. Think of Dead Space and Need For Speed Hot Pursuit… two examples of games not available for the X7. Kind of a disappointment. And what’s the point in buying a game phone that doesn’t feature your personal favorite game? Make sure to check which titles the X7 supports before you buy the Nokia X7.

Speaking of which… its price is $400. I feel it’s a decent price tag for a midrange phone that performs surprisingly well game wise, albeit at a lower than average resolution.

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