Turn Your iPhone Into A Heart Monitor

SmartHeartA few months ago, a create person found a way to turn your iPhone into a microscope. But that person has been one upped by SHL Telemedicine and their iPhone enabled SmartHeart heart monitor.

In the light of high tech smartphones being used for all sorts of daily life stuff such as making digital payments and electronically unlocking doors, SHL Telemedicine has come up with a new way for the consumer to monitor his or her own health… using an iPhone!

Personal Health Monitoring

The idea of health monitoring is nothing new. Among crowds that have affinity with high tech gadgetry and the exponential acceleration of technology, the idea of cheap, simple and personal health monitoring has been very popular for a long time already.

The idea of the future is that we will all have cheap copies of personal genomes and that we will be able to use mobile devices to easy monitor our own health status, which will then be automatically sent to the doctor who can analyze the data to see how you’re really doing.

At a price tag of $500 for you to be able to make electrocardiograms in 30 seconds, is still a bit steep. Most people won’t want to pony up that amount of money, even for a gadget with an extreme niftiness level such as this one.

But health monitoring gadgets are probably an important aspect of our future. They are getting cheaper and better all the time. One of these years, they will enter mainstream usage.

Personal Health Monitoring

Will Software Make Life / Death Decisions?

I wonder how long it will take before software becomes smart enough to draw its own health conclusions based on the data that it measures from your heart. I suspect it won’t be long. However, I’m pretty sure that us humans won’t simply yield control over life / death decisions to software. We will keep real human doctors in the loop because it makes us feel safer.

Just look at how Google is doing with their self driving car. They’ve already built it. The self driving car already exists. But it’s not replacing real life drivers anytime soon. Lives are at stake. And that means legal issues. The self driving car is going to take some time to hit the road. Google is just now lobbying in Nevada to get them to try it out.

The Future Of Smartphone Health Monitoring

Smartphones are becoming increasingly faster, cheaper, better and functional. At the same time, the number of companies coming up with creative ways of health monitoring is growing larger every year.

It is only a matter of time before some health monitoring application is going to take the lead and position itself as the dominant health app that you simply have to own.

With smartphones running pretty much all of the functionality, manufacturers won’t have to provide much software in their accessories themselves. They’ll only have to provide consumers the accessories themselves. It will be the smartphones doing all the communication and data processing.

Just look at Android @ Home if you’re in doubt. The Internet of Things is closer than you’d think.

Via: Singularity Hub.

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