Yahoo To Release Android Smartphone In Japan

Why market to the US alone when you can market to the whole world? That’s what Yahoo must have thought when they came up with the genius idea of releasing an Android smartphone in Japan. It’s going to be Yahoo branded. Japanese people are already very familiar with the brand ‘Yahoo’. And the release of this phone is sure to improve Yahoo’s name even more so!

Yahoo Phone

In the next month, this smartphone is going to hit the shelves in Japan. It will simply be called ‘the Yahoo phone’, which I feel is straight to the point and easy to remember. Besides… it has kind of a ring to it.

The Yahoo phone is not designed or manufactured by Yahoo itself. As a matter of fact, the whole darn phone is not even a new design. It is actually a remake of the SoftBank 009SH phone, which is made by Sharp. Not that it matters much. Better to steal a good idea from somebody else than to come up with your own crappy idea.

Yahoo PhoneThe phone is going to run Android 2.3 Gingerbread. At the dimensions of 123 x 61.5 x 12 millimeters, this phone is not in the contest for the thinnest of all phones. Naturally, it is going to have all of Yahoo’s services integrated straight in there, right from the factory. Yahoo has many services, such as email, a messenger client, the weather, shopping and Pulse.

The display will be 4” and it has a 960 x 540 pixel display, also called quarter HD. It supports WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity. The 8 megapixel camera wraps this neat little package up. And in conclusion, I would say that this phone floats somewhere between a midrange and a high end phone.

In order to be sure, I’d have to know the price as well as the SOC hardware specs. I don’t know these, but maybe I’ll learn in the future. In the meantime, you can check out the carrier’s official page.

Via UnwiredView.

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